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      1. Yeah, I am standing next to him. We went topless the next day, but my friends were too shy to go completely nude.

    1. I think all of you have been taken for a ride. This picture has been all over the Internet for a long time. The image is labeled “tumblr_o1mgn407oe1u8nx0zo1_1280.jpg” which means its been downloaded from a tumblr.com website. But a nice story anyway.

        1. Your future son in law will make ur daughter so happy 🙂 im sure u admire his aweomse one. Please post more picts. You all are so hot!

      1. Your assumption is correct. She is in the middle and I am on the right, admiring my future son in law! We are from Luxembourg.

        1. Ariel , i hope your husband is not too envious of your daughters boyfriend….. i love your facial expression as you look at him ! What exactly were you thinking ? ……..

    1. Anyone will check out your future son in laws nice looking one 🙂 plz post more picts of you all.

  1. This is from Folsom Street Fair in SanFrancisco. If you are not from SF, it’s a must see to be appreciated, and maybe even participate like we did!
    A harmless crazy kinksters paradise for a day…

    1. Wow! If you are this gorgeous at 80, I can only imagine what you must have looked like at 30,40,50,60,70………?
      Can you post one at 60?

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